We are constantly innovating here at UHY FDW. This service is very much in line with the future direction of the accounting industry. Cloud Accounting is accounting conducted through accounting software, which is hosted on remote online servers – ‘accounting in the cloud’.

But why should businesses start using it? Cloud accounting can increase efficiency and flexibility, cut costs and improve accounting accuracy.

UHY Cloud Accounting offers a unique online accounting solution, designed in partnership with leading software providers.

The service allows us access to your accounts directly through the cloud, which improves our ability in optimising the management of your finances. It enables UHY FDW to provide an accurate, time-efficient service to clients. Leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business.

  • Cut processing time by 60%
  • Save on staffing costs
  • 24/7 access to your accounts, tailored package available
  • Benefit from user-friendly software with a suite of add-on applications
  • Improved debt collection (on average 15 days quicker)
  • Secure data storage and no more backup routines
  • Secure two-step login

Our finance in the cloud, the applications are endless!